Lesson 2: The Causes and Implications of Inflation


Lesson Description: 

“If you’ve got more money floating in the economy than you’ve ever had, and the money is as cheap as it’s ever been, then where is that money going? It’s going toward housing, clothes, food, etcetera. Cheap Money drives prices up, which is inflation.” –Billy Epperhart 


As of April 2022, the inflation rate is 8.5%–the highest it’s been in over 40 years. What are the causes, and how does inflation affect how you should invest in real estate? In this lesson, Billy Epperhart takes a deep dive into inflation and discusses the implications it has for real estate investors. 


In addition, this portion of the real estate market update covers:


  • Two kinds of interest rates: The Federal Funds Rate and mortgage rates
  • A continued history of interest rates and mortgage rates in America 
  • The causes and implications of inflation