Lesson 4: Where We Are in The Real Estate Cycle: The Best Time to Buy A Property



Lesson Description:

You make money when you purchase a property, not when you sell. In other words, you need to know how to get a deal and purchase a property for less than it’s worth. Knowledge of the real estate cycle will help you do just that! 


In this lesson, Billy Epperhart gives you more formulas you can use to determine how to not overpay for a house. In addition, you will learn the best time to buy in the real estate cycle.


In addition, this portion of the real estate market update covers:


  • Top 10 metro area changes in housing prices in 2022
  • Home price to income ratios 
  • Home value vs. income change 
  • How to use the 1-1.5% rule 
  • How to calculate cash flow 
  • Historical median monthly rents and how to use them to determine an investment’s value
  • Housing supply and prices in the current real estate cycle