Billy Epperhart

Billy Epperhart is devoted to investing in people and is passionate about guiding others into sustainable financial freedom. Along with teaching people how to reach financial independence, he loves empowering others to build their wealth so that they can have a city and nation impact for the kingdom of God. Billy is the CEO of Andrew Wommack Ministries and Charis Bible College, which is home to over 650 employees. His two nonprofits; WealthBuilders and Tricord Global, help people to make sense of making money for making a difference. Through microfinance loans, Tricord Global has helped over 10,000 clients globally. As a CEO and Founder of his own real estate company, he owned and supervised a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio located in five different real estate markets. Billy is also a public speaker who has authored three books and his new book titled, Real Estate Mastery, is coming out in January of 2021. He enjoys fly-fishing and traveling around the world and he and his wife Becky have four grandsons. Billy is originally from Texas but now resides in Colorado where he earned his MBA at Colorado State University.

Karen Conrad - Wealth Builders

Karen Conrad

Karen Conrad is a VP with Wealthbuilders. She is also an accomplished business entrepreneur, speaker, author, trainer, and consultant whose passion is in bringing “vision to reality” for her businesses and others, specializing in bringing businesses and ministries to the next level with proven results.  With over 32 years of executive experience and successful business entrepreneurship, Karen is capitalizing on her vision to see others prosper in the business and ministry realm.

A well-sought after business executive, Karen looks for potential and opportunity; seizes it by applying the right systems and strategies; benefits from results produced; and sees multiplication in results through the systems that go to work for her. In furthering her vision to see others prosper in the business realm, Karen proves her methods first by achieving success herself; develops systems and strategies to run on; and shows others how to apply them to their businesses. Karen trains business owners, corporate teams and executives at home and on the international front to produce “results that speak” for their businesses and ministries.

Karen spent over 25 years in the banking industry in Minnesota, running several divisions, owns Karen Conrad Home Staging, is an active Real Estate Agent in the Colorado Springs market, the former Executive Marketing Director and VP of 7M Ventures, Inc. at Andrew Wommack Ministries, has a daily program called Living with Karen Conrad, and is a certified instructor for DORA,  teaching agents how to produce results in the home selling arena. 

Karen is a wife, mom, executive, entrepreneur and influencer of many, and will grow to see more transformation in the lives she touches.

Dan Dyer

Dan Dyer is a real estate investor with a heart for not only restoring homes but families and communities as well. For almost two decades he has developed his recession-proof methods

through for-profit and nonprofit corporations, while to date, never losing money on any property. Dan has an anointing in the business world and teaches seminars for real estate in order to build families, communities, and the kingdom of God. Dan lives in Sullivan, Indiana with his wife, Melanie, and daughter, Amelia. His passion is to buy properties, bless families, build generational wealth through real estate, and to train others to do the same as well.

Mike Davis

Mike Davis is a husband, dad, grandfather, pastor, and real estate investor. His real estate success has changed his bank account and he wants to help other people change theirs as well! Today, Mike continues to learn all he can researching, seeking mentorship, and through his own investing experience. Mike has a contagious enthusiasm for real estate investing and a great desire to help others on their own path to achieving financial goals.