WealthBuilders University

About Us

The Problem at Hand

There are very few kingdom-minded business trainings available to Christian businessmen and women who desire to advance their careers and fulfill their God-given purpose. With a substantial need for Christian entrepreneurs in the global marketplace and very few options available, we are left with a generational gap in understanding the kingdom principles necessary to fulfill Deuteronomy 8:18.

Our Community Solution

WealthBuilders University is dedicated to filling that need by providing kingdom-minded trainings to Christian entrepreneurs all over the world. Through applicable knowledge and practical tools, our professional educators empower men and women to succeed with proven wealth-building principles. We believe that God has called upon each one of us to gain influence in our individual mountains and bless future generations with shared kingdom-knowledge.

Why Us?

WealthBuilders University offers direct access to professional mentorship, diverse teachings, and community networking to help entrepreneurs further career and growth opportunities. We follow a unique model where students can choose multiple online membership options based on financial capacity and content preference. With the successful track record of Billy Epperhart and his team, WealthBuilders University is positioned to deliver kingdom-minded business trainings and empower entrepreneurs to succeed with kingdom values.


To empower Christians to influence the global marketplace and lead the way for future generations.


Equipping Christian entrepreneurs and business leaders around the world with applicable and practical business, leadership, and personal development training for the purpose of building wealth for the kingdom.